Going back to your roots where it all started.


2008 was a massive year for me. It was a year with lots of transition but one of the many lessons I learnt that year that made me discover passion or hobbies that I may have lost through years of drug abuse and drug dealing was going back to my roots, going back to where I started, going back to what I use to love.

As a kid I loved little athletics, absolutely loved running I used to do 100meter sprints, hurdles, 200meters and loved it, there was nothing better then jumping on the track and smelling the rubber from the tracks.

I remember having coaches after my runs all offering me training and promising that they could make me faster. I had all the brand new spikes and would treat them like gold, I only collected gold medals and would chuck out my silver and bronze medals because in my head I could only have gold and as weird as it sounds I was collecting them like kids were collecting Tazo’s back then.

I trained very hard but somehow along the way I had lost my self and went into to heavily using drugs, which lead into being a very serious drug dealer.
So after looking at jail and having assault charges from being in a fight with a police officer it was time to change my life. It was time to live a different way because this way was obviously catching up to me and was no longer fun in fact actually really shit.

So I started looking for courses and stuff to do and my dad always told me to go do a trade and I started looking at trades but knew I would hate it and I would end up back to drug dealing really if I was stopping one shit thing to doing another thing I didn’t like why would I change.

So I remember I was at mums house and was looking through old photos of me when I did athletics and right near the photo album was a frame with my Victorian record certificate I got for 80m hurdles. It made me think why don’t I do something in that area because that is what I used to love.

So I enrolled for personal training and I wasn’t to sure if it was for me because at the time I was weighing at 112kgs and walking into a class with very fit and athletic people was intimidating I even remember one person asking me why I was there.

But as the months went by and as I kept pushing really hard for change I soon discovered that I was exactly where I was suppose to be.

So If your lost, or just coming off drugs, looking for work, or just got out of jail, go back to your roots go back to what you enjoyed before the drugs before the bull shit started, what did you use to like? What did you do for fun? What were you good at?

Go back to the roots and continue to grow because in those roots stem massive growth where you will find yourself again.


Glenn Munso – Youth YOU Program