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The listener who needs a listener

The listener who needs a listener


One of the main thing I’ve learnt and noticed in doing this work of helping people get off drugs and getting their lives back on track is being aware of our own energy.

It is so easy to get emotionally involved and connected when you have a child breaking down in front of you ready to commit suicide or who doesn’t see his or hers value in life. Some kids you get connected to where all you want to do is help to the point you are up all night figuring out how you can make them see the better light of life. You constantly hear all stories some that stick with you for weeks, in which you find yourself constantly thinking about to the point it disrupts your energy/vibe as a person.

A lot of people don’t realise but our teachers, social workers, parents and people supporting or helping people get off drugs need someone to talk to as well.

You are always invested in helping others but who’s doing that for you?

We need to take the time out for ourselves so that we are energised, so we can perform and help at our truest and highest potential.

Before this work I never found myself to get anxiety or be in an depressive state, but as I find myself involving and helping more kids I find myself sometimes in a state that can be dark in which I need to snap myself out of.

But as long as I remember to put myself first, and follow through with my mindset tools, so that my mind is healthy and do my training/exercises in the gym so I am having my own personal outlet, I know can be the best person that I can be for this work because I will be healthier both mentally and physically because when I am, I am CHARGED and on POINT.

This article was a reminder to our fellow helpers, saviors, supporters of todays world, this is to remind you that you are a gift to so many lives and that you need to also look after yourself both mentally and physically and to keep up the work that you are doing because without you and your help the world would be lost.

Thank you for everything that you do and lets make this world a better place and because of your help and your constant research and caring the world is already a better place.

Thank you

Glenn Munso
Youth YOU Program