The Truth About Drug Addiction

Glenn’s talk to students The Truth About Drug Addiction allows youth to hear real life stories of a lifestyle that is not at all fun or cool like what is perceived on social media. He talks about the dangers of experimenting with drugs and the misconception that marijuana is ‘ok’ and is not going to hurt you.

5 Fundamentals to Living and Staying Drug Free

During his talks, Glenn explains his 5 Fundamentals to Living and Staying Drug Free which incorporate the following topics:

As you can see there are a number of topics covered in the session which runs for approximately 60- 80 minutes on average with a Q&A session at the end and often we see students come and speak t0 Glenn one on one afterwards to have a private conversation.

Having Glenn attend schools throughout Australia is of huge benefit to students and entire communities and we are witnessing the value of his presentations daily with the number of new members to the Youth YOU community and requests for the program to be made available nationally.