Support the decision your child has made



One thing that has been really interesting to me this week, is that when a person signs up to the Youth YOU Program parents think all of sudden because their child has signed up on the program that sudden change is to happen now and that tomorrow morning their child will be a different person with no more hurt , no more pain, no more anger and no more addiction.

I think most times when we want to change a habit or lifestyle we focus and put so much energy into what we don’t want. Sometimes its a constant fight that it becomes spiritually and energetically draining.

Every day seems like a life long draining fight that keeps dragging on for days, weeks, months and sometimes years.

we fight to stay away from addiction
we fight to be happy
we fight to smile
we fight to eat
we fight to feel
we fight to talk
we fight to function
we fight to BE

Instead of focusing all your energy on fighting, focus your energy on building and doing things that make you happy and feel alive naturally.

To the parents please have patience and love for your child unconditionally, give them a chance and room to grow. If they have made this decision that they truly wish to change never discount the impact of that choice , they may not get it straight away, they definitely will not be a brand new person the next day but in time and supporting their decision know that although they will fall they will make it through. Have Faith.

Focus all your energy on the building blocks of your new life.

Glenn Munso
Youth YOU Program