You are currently viewing Inside the head of an Ex drug dealer: Entry 007: We need to save our kids.

Inside the head of an Ex drug dealer: Entry 007: We need to save our kids.

If you have a child that is addicted to drugs that is under the age of 18 my tip and advice to you is to pull them on that stuff straight away, don’t turn a blind eye, don’t leave it and think its apart of life. Act now, because we now live in a different world where kids as young as 12 are smoking from a crack pipe “ I didn’t even know what a crack pipe was till I was 18-19” Kids are being exposed to this at a very young age.

Times are changing very very quick and the more I interact with these kids, I realise they are getting younger and younger and parents are getting afraid, scared and tip toeing around their child in fear that they will crack it BUT what I say to that is F that and pull them up on their behavior and be in charge, give them NO choice at all and put them into a program, sporting club or something that is going to help them straight away. We need to save these kids NOW.

I see a lot parents scared these days to discipline their kids and this is not a dig at parents.  What I’m saying is Don’t be scared of your child because they are intuitive to you and they will start to know and feel the fear and know what they can get away with. Take charge and give them no choice because this ice epidemic that we are living in, is only getting worst by the minute and we need to work together.

When a parent calls me and says “ look ill discuss with my child and see if they want to join your program” my response is; In all respect you need to give them no option and tell them they are doing this program regardless.

We need to work together and have each other’s backs and put a stop to this epidemic because the kids of today have massive addiction issues. At such a young age, you could only imagine the damage that this is doing to them mentally and physically.

Lets work together and put a stop to this epidemic because innocent kids are getting addicted to something that will take their soul away. We need to be in CHARGE and not let in Regardless of the circumstances.

If there is anything I can do to help you and your family, please feel free to message me. I pour my heart and soul into this program and I will be there for you and your family. Lets work together as a community and save the next generation of kids.

Glenn Munso
Youth YOU Program