I am Worthy because…….



Worthy is a strange word because at the end of the day it is the meaning and value we give it. It reminds me when I see something in my dads garage and I tell him “Throw that crap out” and he replies quickly with “Do  you know how much value that is” i always laugh because it is our own perception in where we see value and worth.

I believe it is only you that really knows the true worth of which you hold yourself. People can tell you how worthy you are but we can only see that worth once we see it ourselves. Some days we feel worthy and some days we don’t. So does that mean worth is just a feeling?

We have to start by looking and realising that worth comes from within, worth is respect for ourselves, worth is worth more then words or anything physical on this earth.

I have come across a lot of people this week and they look at me and almost cry when I tell them that they are worthy of being worthy, they stop and stare in confusion and look at me and say how or why?

How do we lose sight of our true value and worth? is it the voices of ourselves or the voices of the ones around us?

My message today is to hold your worth and put your worth at the top of your list . Your biggest gift you can offer yourself and this world is having value and believing in your self worth.

When you want the best for your life and doubt that, remember you are DESERVING OF BEING WORTHY that’s it. No if’s or buts, it is what it is. You are worthy because you are worthy. Don’t question yourself. Never forget that you are worthy of being worthy no matter what or who.



Glenn Munso – Youth YOU Program