Don’t Kill My Vibe


Don’t Kill My Vibe:

Ever think of a kick ass awesome goal or an idea that had you so pumped and excited so you couldn’t wait to till someone but then when you did, they just told you it wasn’t going to happen and how stupid that idea was and all of sudden you found yourself agreeing with them.

All of a sudden a flush of excuses roll into your mind and you convince yourself this person is right. Then when you walk away you feel drained and realise your vibe was shot, stomped on and lit to fire.

Your goal that was making you feel excited and alive was just demolished because someone told you to be realistic or because someone laughed at you because they didn’t think it was possible for YOU to achieve.

Are we letting certain people determine what we do with our lives without us even knowing?

Are we letting people tell us what’s possible and what’s not?

Are we giving people permission to determine what we can achieve?

First of all you need run on that initial thought, feeling and vibe you got from when you first thought of that goal and hold onto that because that right there is gold, that is the energy that is going to fire you up and push you in the right direction that you need to kick ass and accomplish this goal.

Before you go off and tell anyone, write the plan and make it happen A.S.A.P, see it clear so that it’s almost like a drawn up map on how to get to this destination. Write down the directions you need to get there.

Where do I need to go?
What do I need to do?
Who do I need to speak to? (People who have been there and are in that position)
How can I make this possible for me?
When do I want to get there?

Ask yourself all the right questions so that you can see it CLEAR. The more we see it, the more we feel it, the more we feel it, the more we become it, the more we become it, the more we BE IT.

Think hard; draw a map on how to make this happen. Use your fire, vibe and energy you get when you think of this goal and fire straight towards it and don’t let ANYONE KILL YOUR VIBE.

– Glenn Munso
Youth YOU Program