Removing the mask and being true to yourself By Jordan Werner


“ First off it’s the strong commitment to getting to where you want to be in life without that you will go in circles once I started making a change for the first time it was the hardest thing I had to do but started off well. Creating a healthy routine with Glenn made it a bit easier as it filled up the time that I would normally be doing negative activities, after a couple weeks I lost the thought of commitment and started losing my true self again and getting back into old habits because I didn’t fully remove my self from negative influences and environments.

It took some time for me to own up to Glenn as I felt like the biggest failure to him and myself, after admitting what I was hiding and being upfront I was back on track and more committed then ever, thinking about how shit I felt compared to how much I didn’t care is what has kept me going till this day. Just the simple thought of that has made me realise its going to be a lot better in the long run rather then living in the moment of what I was doing.

After some more time I had a spiritual awakening which push me to go even further with making a full recovery, now that I am well and truly away from that lifestyle if someone ask me for help; stay committed to the bigger picture rather than the moment and to go back to your roots or whatever you were doing before you put the mask on and lost your true self.

Always stay committed, always be honest with not only yourself but the ones that are supporting you, never give up, always push forward no matter how hard it gets and that mask will be gone forever.”

Jordan Werner 

Glenn Munso
Youth YOU Program