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Inside the head of an ex drug dealer: Entry 009

When we are deep in the lifestyle of drugs sometimes we see no way out. We owe people money and feel people literally have a hold on us because of the money we owe them; we become slaves to a vicious cycle that seems to never end.

People I’ve worked with have been in situations where they owe drug dealers money and the only way they know how to quickly pay that debt off is to quickly sell more drugs.

I’ve worked with people who have seen way too much that they believe there is no way out because of the lifestyle they have lived in.

I’ve worked with young girls who have had to sell themselves to pay debts and become stuck in a vicious, harsh cycle which they see no way out of.

But if there’s a way in, there is definitely a way out; this lifestyle doesn’t have to be forever and there is always a life out there that is waiting for you to live.

It’s only on you to break that cycle and it is something that you need to do to move onto the next phase of your life.

Times get tough and I get that, so that’s why you need to remind yourself that you deserve better and that there is better out there and all that depends on your next action and your next step.

Glenn Munso – Youth YOU Program