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Inside the head of an ex drug dealer: Entry 008

Attachment and Detachment

One of the hardest things as a coach/person is detachment and attachment.

My entire life before and after the drugs is when it comes to people, friendships, relationships I’ve always been a black and white person about it, we are either cool or not, one thing I cant stand is people being fake and talking bad about each other because it doesn’t follow with my values of we are either cool or not.

My circles of friends have always been small and I’ve always had people who I truly care about and would do anything for, these friends have been around for ages and will always be.

But in this new world of mine I find this very hard for me, which leaves me very confused, and almost up all night stressing and worrying because to the core it deeply affects my values and me.

When I was a drug dealer I had to detach from anyone who stuffed me around, or people who didn’t pay me.

As an addict I had detached myself from reality and my family.

As a recovering addict I detached my self from dealers and toxic people

is detachment easy?
No it was something that kept my mind ticking and racing at all times of the night even if it was done consciously or unconsciously it still caught up to me and had me thinking about it at one stage or another.

As a coach helping youth overcome drug addiction you share stories, personal experiences and knowledge that sometimes only you and a few people know in order to help save, change and impact ones life.

But when a parent tells you they want to take their child out of your program because they got a job, or because they don’t believe the program is right for them when deep down you know it is- what do we do? How do we not take this to offence? How do we detach?

When you care so much for a youth struggling with addiction that you get upset and angry at them because you know they are worth more then what they see and say to you. How do you detach?

How do we stand and watch our youth deteriorate when we know deep down they need our help.

One of the hardest things as a coach, business owner, and person is letting go of people in your program when you know deep down in your heart they need your help.
How do we detach from others when we know they need our help

How do parents detach from their child?

How do teachers detach from their students?

People tell us we need to detach, but is it really that simple?

For the ones like myself who find it hard to detach learn to keep you busy, find a hobby, exercise, play an instrument, listen to music, mediate. Do things that free your mind. But don’t look at your attachment as a flaw look at it as a gift because your attachment means you care.

Glenn Munso – Youth YOU Program