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Please Don’t Tell Anyone But My Child’s On Drugs

Many families go through the struggles and heart aches of having their child suffer with drug addiction. The constant lies to other family members when people ask about their child pretending that they are ok or occupied when really the child is in a world of suffering. The constant internal battles of holding this secret in case people may find out and judge your parenting techniques and skills.

What we need to understand is that your child’s drug addiction is not always a reflection of your parenting. Instead of hiding and holding onto resentment, guilt and shame go out and seek help and get support for yourself. I truly believe not only the child needs to seek help but the parents do too. Parents need support, someone to talk too and offload their stresses. Parents need “me” time and chance to reset and recharge. 

Parents need to time to heal and work on themselves from any issues that arise. My message is that parents and families need self-care, healing and someone to talk to as well. Instead of your only focus being about your child, let’s put some of that focus back into yourself.