Do you know what’s really in that crack pipe?


Do you know what you are really smoking:

I remember years ago looking at the crack pipe and realizing it was black and all sorts of weird colours, after seeing the pipe after it was smoked out of it looked disgusting, which now has me thinking, why are so many people being affected by this drug.

What is really in it? Each time its different because different people are cutting it.

Below is a list of things that can be found in your crack pipe from having puff.

Rat Poison and other deadly chemicals,


Ephedrine (Cold Tablets)

Pseudoephedrine (Cold Tablets)


Alcohol (Isopropyl or Rubbing)

Toluene (Brake Cleaner)

Ether (Engine Starter)

Sulfuric Acid (Drain Cleaner)

Methanol/Alcohol (Petrol Additives)

Salt (Table/Rock)

Lithium (Batteries)

Anhydrous Ammonia (Farm Fertilizer)

Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)

Red Phosphorus (Matches/Road Flares)

Muriatic Acid

Iodine (Teat Dip or Flakes/Crystal)

Trichloroethane (Dun Scrubber)

Sodium Metal


This is just a small list but there is still a lot more in it that we don’t know depending on the dealer, people are cutting ice with so much crap that its not funny and it’s killing people on the daily.

There is no real way to measure the drugs purity , meaning you arent ingesting what you hope to be methamphetamine you are more likely to be smoking/snorting/injecting more carcinogenic, poisonous substances.

Stay away from this, it will destroy you and eat you alive.

Glenn Munso
Youth YOU Program