No Regrets!


Everything happens in life for a reason, everything we go through makes us stronger, mentally, physically and emotionally. After a crazy week of my story being in the paper and me sharing my past drug habits made me think a lot. My storyhad a lot of people feeling uncomfortable close especially family members because my story was exposed and how would that reflect on them or my parents with their parenting. Which made me think if I had been scared and ashamed, embarrassed of my past there is no way now I would be able to help kids get off drugs and find their passion for living again. If I had been scared to step up and be that example the kids I have helped already where would they be?

I got strange emails from people saying that drug dealers have no heart and should not be given 2nd chances. Even got people saying “ You’re only 28 you’re a fraud you have no life experiences what do you know”. Some people felt uncomfortable that their children was getting trained by an X drug dealer but if I hadn’t been or walked in those shoes there is no way I could help, relate and inspire the next generation to move forward in life. I know in my heart what I’m doing is right and that is all that matters.

So my message is; this is your journey and never be embarrassed or ashamed of it no matter what people say. It all happen to make you the champion you are today, so speak up, preach and help people because you have knowledge and power to save and help the people affected by what was once affecting you. No regrets in life just lessons so use that and inspire.
Glenn Munso
Youth YOU Program