Have you ever been trapped?


Imagine being trapped and having the whole world question you about drugs and everything you did. No one listened to you and every time you wanted to do something you would be questioned down to every detail.

No one trusted you and every time you spoke you were defending yourself. People always asked you why you did drugs and you never knew why . But all you knew was that you felt really crap inside and every time you tried to express that people would ignore that and revert back to the question as to why you were on drugs.

No one listened to you and every time you spoke people looked at you like you were the biggest liar around. It was so heart breaking that close friends and family started to pity you and look at you differently. No one believed a word you said and no one really listened to what you were truly saying. You were dying inside and crying for love and everyone didn’t trust or respect you and you knew this because you felt it.

Everyone see’s drugs as being the problem. People look at you like you are a junkie. People talk down on you and no one ever takes you seriously. You hate that no one trusts you.

People are telling you to stop the drugs, they fight with you, they scream at you, they abuse you, and you just cant stop consuming and consuming and you feel like death.

This same story happens and is happening to so many of us.

Last week I had a massive breakthrough with one of my clients. She had been a heavy user of ice and been in and out of psych wards. She had been to many places/drug rehabs and done many drug programs, she felt worthless. She honestly believed that there was no chance in fixing her and while everyone treated her like an alien,  she felt like one to.

We sat down, continued our coaching session and she had then asked me a question  She said “Why is it that in the 6 weeks of starting your Youth YOU program have you not once mentioned my drug problems.” and my reply to her was “It’s got nothing to do with drugs” She stared at me right in my eyes, shocked for a long time and almost sat there frozen, she started crying, and as i watched her tears fall down her face, she still kept staring at me directly in my eyes not flinching one bit. She then looked at me and said while still crying “ Fucking finally!!, I can’t believe it. Someone who actually get’s it, someone who actually gets me, Thank you so much” she said while crying out loud. After the session she seemed lighter and her exact words were “With your program i know i can get better, Thank you”

Its never to late to change, you have to find someone who gets it.  Sitting down and knowing people for people is what will help our youth because youth and drug users are people to.


Glenn Munso – Youth YOU Program