I Quit Drugs – Now What?

Best selling author Glenn Munso is sharing his knowledge again with his 2nd book I Quit Drugs Now What; this time Glenn will be covering the real life issues people face after beating their drug addiction. The phase no one is really talking about after quitting drugs. Glenn covers many interesting topics such as identity, purpose and aligning yourself to your true core values.

After Glenn toured and did many talks across Australia he studied and realised a common pattern with people who struggled and kept falling into the trap of relapse and addiction. Learn insightful knowledge from someone who has walked the shoes of someone struggling with a drug addiction and transformed his life to now helping thousands of people nationwide. In this book you will learn from someone who is real and shares his honest lived experiences.

Glenn will share stories, strategies, tools and tips on how to live a life without drugs. The unspoken phase of recovery will be revealed through Glenn’s knowledge and lived experiences.