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Work with 2x Best Selling Author, Registered AOD Counsellor, X Addict and Founder of the highly successful Youth YOU Program.

“ Learn The Secret Steps I've Used That's Helped Thousands of Youth Struggling With Mental Health and Addiction ”

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What You'll Learn In This Program:

Helping youth (15-24) and young adults (20-35 ) overcome their struggles with mental health and addiction.

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" The program saved my life I achieved things I never thought was possible "

Mel's Transformation

" I've been to rehab 7 times and was ready to give up. Glenns program works because his walked the path and get's it "

" It was the best thing I ever did. It's so hard to find someone who can relate and pull you out of the sh#!t "


As Featured In

Hosted By Glenn Munso

Founder Glenn Munso has sold thousands of books making him a 2x best selling author from his books Drugs Do Not Discriminate and I Quit Drugs Now What?

Glenn is also a registered AOD Counsellor and has helped many young adults and youth across Australia overcome their struggles with mental health and drug addiction. Glenn’s unique approach with his Youth YOU Program is highly successful as he teaches and connects with people from his life experience. Glenn provides tools to guide people positively, from acting out and expressing themselves through negative vehicles; to learning life skills, creating a more positive outlook, habits, thoughts and behaviours.  

Glenn’s mission is to show people that there is a life after addiction and that it doesn’t have to be a life sentence

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