Inside the head of an ex drug dealer: Entry 003


I was driving on my way home from training the other night and a thought had come into my head, as to what my purpose was with the Youth YOU Program why am I doing it and what do I want to achieve.

The funny thing was I knew the answer as quick as the question popped into my head, which I thought, was strange, so it was something I had to post about. I used to deal a lot of drugs, more then the average dealer, I took this serious and it was my job while others had a 9-5pm job, I had this. And thinking the bigger picture as I always do, a lot of people have got addicted on the drugs that I provided for them.

So now in my life right now I truly believe I have the antidote for that and my mission is to get as many kids as I can off drugs to live healthier and better lives.

I have seen people fall and hit rock bottom from drugs, i have seen people sell their possessions or loved ones possessions for drugs,i have seen people change and become addicts, i have seen people lose themselves and lose their families, I have seen grown men break down in court rooms with tears while being sentenced to jail. I have seen a lot of bad shit and this path is one you don’t want to go down.

I have also seen people conquer addiction and made themselves somebody, i have seen people change for the good, i have seen people have better legit lives with no more hassle of fake friends or cops, i have seen really happy people, i have seen people kick goals and have everyone around them so proud including themselves. Yes this can happen. All this can be achieved with change and thats what i want to see more of.

My message is short and sweet and my mission is to now deal hope, life, and chance to the Youth of today. I will continue on with this mission and that’s through the Youth YOU Program i will spread this program and make sure people hear about this.

Glenn Munso- Youth YOU Program.