Inside the head of an Ex drug dealer: Entry 005


Im going to share with you my 6 tips that made me go from being a Heavy drug user/ Drug Dealer to Personal Trainer/ Coaching Youth to stay off drugs.

 Tip 1
Health/ Nutrition:

The most important thing i believe is your bodies’ health. The amount of drug abuse my body went through is not funny I smoked weed heavily on a daily basis almost 7 grams a day, weekends I would try more harder drugs like ice, pills, or speed depending what kind of weekend it was. I was 112kgs and I was not healthy at all. I would eat so much KFC, McDonalds and Red rooster all in one day. I was always on the roads doing and being a drug dealer so everything I was eating was crap.

A massive shift happened when I started eating healthy I lost 22kgs and I started respecting myself in a whole different way. I was becoming a lot clearer in the head which lead to awesome opportunities. Once you respect and treat your body with the respect it deserves massive shifts will happen in your life.

Tip 2

Exercise is by far the best thing that you can do. Exercise keeps me balanced and keeps me going, I go outside, train and get loads of fresh air. Moving is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind. Always keep it moving something I say to my clients and something that I live by is “Just keep it moving the body is designed to move and so it should, so go out there and move”.

Tip 3

Environment is massive I remember one time in my life I didn’t know one person that was not on drugs. I got banned from the area that I was living in because of my charges and putting me in a different environment was probably one of the best things for my growth. I learnt heaps about myself. Also being put into a personal training class full of fit people when I was 112kgs was good to because I soon adapted and wanted to be the best in that class, i wanted to be fit and healthy like the environment i was in. Change of environment is massive when it comes to change; you have to be in a positive environment and when you are put into an environment where your forced to change for the better, its one of the best things possible. We as humans adapt to our environment so make it awesome and positive. And this is now why i make my gym an awesome environment for people to transform their lives and that is very important, your surroundings.


Tip 4
Go back to your roots:

I was lost, I had just had the shit kicked out of me and I was bruised all over. My eyes were burning from mace and my hand had been fractured (ill explain another time) but I remember thinking all night I can’t live like this anymore what should I do with my life. I was lost and it was making me depressed the more i kept thinking about it. All I remembered that as a kid I loved athletics so I decided to go back to what I loved doing before all the crap started. If you’re lost from the life you have been living then go back to where it started find out what you use to be passionate about before you got lost or onto drugs. Always look and explore, we as humans are always evolving and so should your passion for life. Once you find it you will know.

Tip 5

Everything happens for a reason. Everything that has happened to you has happened for a very special reason and never forget that because if it wasn’t for that you wouldn’t be who you are right now. So embrace all your lessons and use it ot make and have an awesome life. You know in your self what a good and bad life looks like so make it the best life that you can live. Be the best and live your best.

Tip 6

You are worthy of having the best life and everything you deserve. Its never to late and you have everything you need to be who and what you want to be. Never forget that you are strong and smart enough to have anything you want and yes i mean anything.

Glenn Munso – Youth YOU Program