I failed my child’s on drugs


I’m embarrassed and ashamed but I think my child’s on drugs but please don’t tell anyone. These are the voices that are playing in our head and if we do tell a close friend we worry and hope they don’t go out and tell more people. In today’s world with drugs being so easy to access,  Parents are becoming more confused and not knowing where and what to do.

Each year the kids that are using these drugs are becoming younger and younger which is quiet scary to tell you the truth. Sometimes we see our kids as an angelic child or baby they once were and refuse to see the signs that are in front of us daily that lead to our suspicions.

We even ignore it at times and become blasé about what is really happening but we have such a connection or call instinct with our child that we know deep down what is going on. First of all I want to say to you the parent that it is ok and there is nothing to be embarrassed from your child’s choices doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or parent. What you can do now though to help your child  is tremendous and to stop this cycle and make your child realise that this is a path that they don’t want to go down is one of the best things you can do.

As once being that kid who hid my drugs and addictions from my parents so well, well at the time i thought i did it kind of made things worst because i never saw it as a problem, why would it be a problem if no one else saw it as a problem and not to say my parents were bad but just like you they were embarrassed and ashamed at the time that they came up with a million excuses for my habits that it was almost normal and excused The main message I am putting across to parents is don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed that your child may be using drugs.

Don’t cover up their behaviour when you know there is a problem. Get help as soon as you can because stopping this pattern from the stop before it turns into a major problem is what is needed but also remember its never to late and everyone can be saved and i mean everyone.

Do your research and find the best person for your child and remember there is no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed you are a good parent and person and if you are reading this then you obviously care about your child’s wellbeing. There are many services that offer great advice and help, also know that you are not alone and people are going through what you are right now.

Glenn Munso – Youth YOU Program